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    402-470 MHz
    Vertical antennas A5-UHF

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    402-470 MHz Vertical antennas A-UHF
    Frequency Range, MHz
    A5 UHF(L)-1 402-408
    A5 UHF(L)-2 408-418
    A5 UHF(L)-3 412-422
    A5 UHF(L)-4 417-427
    A5 UHF(M)-5 430-446
    A5 UHF(H)-6 450-470
    Gain, dBi 5.5
    VSWR 1.5
    Polarization Vertical
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Input Power, W 100
    Vertical Beam Width, Deg 29
    Horizontal Pattern, Deg 360
    Electrical Downtilt, Deg 0
    Rated Wind Velocity, M/s 40
    Weight, kg 0.85
    Length, mm 1870
    Diameter of radome, mm 30
    Radome material fiberglass
    Mast diameter, mm 35-70
    Connector N-female
    Operating temperature, deg.C from -45 to +55

    This antenna designed specially for operate together with professional mobile radio repeaters.Radiators are chosen with size which provide a wide operating band for a full duplex and shift TX-RX 10 MHz.

    Its increased gain is reached owing to 3 collinear radiators ¼ λ + ½ λ + ½ λ. The antenna is grounded by DC. Strong fiberglass radome protects from a bad weather. The convenient fixing mechanism allows to fix on any mast Ø up to 70 mm. Small dimensions allow to deliver its by UPS or DHL.

    A6-460 H-plane pattern

    A6-460, VSWR diagram

    A6-460, gain diagram

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