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    1-30 MHz Baluns BR-800-1(2.5/4/6/11/16)

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    1-30 MHz Baluns BR-800-1(2./4/6/11/16)
    Electrical specifications
    Model Balun
    Operating frequency band, MHz 1-30
    Impedance ratio
    BR-800-1 1:1
    BR-800-2.5 1:2.5
    BR-800-4 1:4
    BR-800-6 1:6
    BR-800-11 1:11
    BR-800-16 1:16
    Insertion loss, dB 0.2-0.4
    Input power, not more, W 1000
    Connector SO-239
    Weight, kg 0.386
    Length/Width/Depth, mm 118x100x60
    Impedance, Ohm 50

    Balun is designed for the transformation of antenna high resistance to standard impedance of 50 Ohm with simultaneous current symmetry. This unit is used to ensure the predictive antenna directivity diagram, eliminating the cable radiation, that in turn reduces the interference level. In the receive mode the balun eliminates antenna effect of the cable and significantly reduces the consumer interference level.

    Balancing transformer (balun) is equipped with ferrite binoculars. The balun is thoroughly protected against moisture due to the polyether sealing. The fiberglass cover protects against the direct moisture penetration as well. The hole located at the bottom of the balun close to the connector ensures the condensation drain and blowing of internal elements of the unit.

    VSWR diagram


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