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    2m filters for EME

    Usually in conditions of large megacities and even in rural territories if there are near established base station of land mobile radio noises level are very high. At communications with reflection from the Moon, when power of a signal are very weak a important aspect is a signal to noise ratio. This we can achieve only then if use high selective filters. These filters made by coaxial cavities.

    We bring to your attention filters, assembled from 5,8 and 10 inches cavities.

    PF5-2HAM-200 with bandwidth 200 kHz

    PF5-3HAM-400 with bandwidth 400 kHz

    PF8-2HAM-100 with bandwidth 100 kHz

    PF8-2HAM-250 with bandwidth 250 kHz

    PF8-3HAM-300 with bandwidth 300 kHz

    PF10-2HAM-100 with bandwidth 100 kHz

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